IoT-based Advanced Automobile Parking Navigation System
To fulfill the requirements of the industry, PolyU researchers developed the Advanced Automobile Parking Navigation Platform, which includes smart devices, software modules and middleware. The platform integrate various emerging technologies, such as IoTbased cloud service, wireless sensor and actuator network (WSAN), WSAN middleware, Near Field Communication (NFC), etc. The platform aims to enhance the parking system efficiency by providing a system for vacant parking spaces monitoring and intelligent facility management. Besides, it also provides a novel automobile parking navigation services and gives drivers a new parking experience.

RFID-based Carbon Leveling Information Platform (RF-CLIP)
Subjected to the principles of Ethical Consumerism and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an RFID-based Carbon Leveling Information Platform (RF-CLIP) is proposed to collect, analyze and share the information of product using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. RF-CLIP consists of two main engines (a) Product Carbon Footprint Engine and (b) Dynamic Pedigree of Carbon (PoC) Engine. Product Carbon Footprint Engine is responsible to collect information provider's (i.e. supply chain partners) data related to the product carbon footprint. With respect to the information provider’s input, the result of product carbon footprint in item level is generated. Dynamic PoC Engine is responsible to provide dynamic information of product carbon footprint with respect to the dynamic PoC to facilitate information consumers (i.e. end consumer and corporate consumer) in choosing the product.

NFSee, an innovative design with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and 3D product images for visualizing products, aims to bring a new shopping experience to customers. It can revitalize the existing promotion channels and also motivate customers to purchase products. The four core components of NFSee solution include NFC tag, smartphone, NFC Cloud Platform and the viewer. A NFC tag stores an access link of a video of a product. A NFC-enable smartphone reads the NFC tag, and the video can be downloaded from NFC Cloud platform to the smartphone. A special designed viewer can be then attached to the smartphone and changes the 2D video to 3D illustration.

RF-eye aimed at providing signs and barrier-free environment for visually impaired people through the integration of RFID and EPCglobal™. Components of the "RF-eye" include a tag, which is a reader installed on the blind cane, a processor, which is a smartphone, and a bluetooth earphone. Once a tag with geographical coordinates embedded under the guiding path is detected, the reader will be able to define the current position of the user through the smartphone application. It will then coordinate with EPCglobal™ network to extract relevant information. Finally, the analyzed information will be delivered to the application and announced to the user via the bluetooth earphone.

ePlatform for Collective Memory Acquisition and Preservation - Sustain our Unique Legacy Easy (eCAPSULE)
This project enables visitors and locals to discover the underlying local culture of Hong Kong using mobile devices to read RFID location tags installed at places of interest and guideboards. The user simply uses his or her mobile device to scan RFID location tags to access information regarding a location on a cloud-based database via a pre-installed mobile application. The platform provides integration with popular online multimedia and social networks such as YouTube and FaceBook. In this manner, the eCAPSULE not only serves as a convenient tourism guide to augment a visitor's experience of Hong Kong, but can also be utilized to build a collective memory for local cultural conservation and sustainability, as well as to promote the city's cultural heritage.

Learning Explorer
Learning Explorer is a software product that integrates .NET technology, RFID technology and mobile technology to build a ubiquitous learning environment (i.e. learn at anytime and in anywhere) and provide a comprehensive learning solution to learners and teachers. Learning Explorer is unique, It allows learners to access in anywhere at anytime and it also supports personalized learning. In addition, it can be used to enrich, enliven and add variety to the traditional learning by embedding the mobile technology.