Cloud-based Cyber-Physical Logistics System for Cross-border E-commerce Industry
The demand for logistics services keeps rising owing to a high volume of throughput across the border. The rise of e-commerce results in the purchase of a wide variety of products in low quantities. This new trend of consumer behavior increased the complexity of logistics operation. To cope with the challenges created by the changing consumption patterns, PolyU collaborates with an industrial partner to develop a Cloud-based Cyber-Physical Logistics System with big data analytics technology and swarm intelligence. It provides realtime data acquisition, automatic assignment of pick-up-and-delivery orders, optimal vehicle scheduling and visualization of delivery status. With the proposed system and e-commerce platform, logistics service providers can enhance their accuracy and efficiency in logistics operations and optimize human resources, while consumers can have better experience in the pickup and delivery of the products.

Industrial IoT-based Smart Robotic Warehouse Management System
In response to the advent of emerging Industry 4.0 technologies such as autonomous robots, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, PolyU collaborates with industrial partner to develop an IIoT-based Smart Robotic Warehouse Management System for implementing the concept of smart warehousing. The project redefined warehouse picking and replenishment operations from man-to-goods to goods-to-man using autonomous mobile robots. It is believed that the implementation of this system can change the logistics operations from labour intensive procedures to automation. It also provides solutions for better floor space utilization, labour utilization, and operational efficiency in warehousing.

RFID-Based Green Management Information Platform
A Green Management Information Platform, including smart devices, motion devices, software modules and middleware, which features the integration of various latest technologies, i.e. IoT-based cloud service, wireless sensor and actuator network (WSAN), WSAN middleware, Near Field Communication (NFC), is designed and developed by PolyU and Perfect Green Supplies Company Limited. The platform attempts to improve the efficiency of dishwashing process, increase customer satisfaction and also enhance data visibility and transparency in environmental hygiene service and logistics operation.

FIFO Warehousing Pallet Transferring, Combining and Splitting by RFID Means
Seamless integration of RFID technology, mobile devices and ERP system, to achieve warehouse visibility Feedback from client "Midas Printing Group Company Limited": - "Before we apply the RFID solution provided by the PolyU, we never imagine there is such a convenient way for precise inventory management to achieve FIFO, especially what we have are easily-deteriorated paper products."
RFID Supply Chain Collaborative Platform (RSCCP)
An intelligent eSecurity system, including devices, software modules and middleware, which features the integration of various logistics enabling technologies i.e. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning System (GPS), were designed and developed by PolyU and Autotoll Limited successfully. The system can be deployed in different applications, especially in physical asset, container and fleet management. The software is capable to connect with public information sharing platforms such as OBTIS, ezTRACK and EPCglobal network to share and integrate real time logistics and physical asset information.

RFID Automated Truck Tracking System
Capability to integrate Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) to achieve automatic truck tracing and tracking
RFID-based Intra Supply Chain Information System
Implementation of RFID technology to support information interchange in global production networks Feedback from client "Novetex Spinners Limited": - "The RFID-enabled Intra Supply Chain Information solution has considerably enhanced information visibility in supply chain and increases our competitiveness for our multi-national business."
RFID-enabled Intelligent Forklift
Streamline warehouse operation; eliminate manual data capturing to provide real-time and accurate inventory record to enable flexible and agile warehouse Feedback from client "Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd": - "Warehouse operations in our industry can be better than ever if more Supply Chain Management (SCM) enabling technologies (such as RFID-enabled Intelligent Forklift) are being deployed."
RFID-enabled Self-served Warehouse
Implementing RFID technology to achieve cost savings, security advantages and operational excellence in a self-served warehouse Feedback from client "Treasury Company - Asia Magic Entertainment": - "The RFID-enabled Self-served Warehouse system caters for the needs of automated warehouse management in most industries. The complicated lending and returning procedures are simplified. Utilizing the advanced RFID technology, inventory management can be more accurate and convenient."