RFID-based Supply-chain Pedigree Interactive Dynamic Explorer (SPIDER)
Product safety has attracted considerable public concern and press attention in recent years. Visualization of the dynamic product supply chain is undoubtedly the trend for ensuring the product quality, but there is still plenty of room for improving the current situation. The RFID-based Supply-chain Pedigree Interactive Dynamic Explorer (SPIDER) is proposed as a secure and global platform for public and government to explore the product pedigree and better understand the product supply chain. It is used to verify, inspect and investigate the product pedigree effectively and efficiently, as well as to enhance product safety in the market.
RFID-enabled Anti-counterfeit System for Healthcare Products
A feasibility study on the use of “RFID-enabled Anti-counterfeit System for Healthcare Products” has been conducted in collaboration with a Hong Kong-based healthcare product supplier – Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Results of the study indicate that this system provides an effective real-time front-end anti-counterfeit checking solution for the company's customers. Through the verification of authentication machine with an authentication card, an anti-counterfeit algorithm developed by Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University can accurately determine the authenticity of a product by checking the unique data stored in the product's RFID.

Feedback from client "Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd": "I was impressed by such a sharp, brand-new concept being introduced to the medical industry. Without doubt, the deployment of such advanced technology fully demonstrates the perfect solution for the fake product issues. With the comprehensive consideration of the PolyU consultancy team, the security of the system is approved, and thus it is a reliable and professional system. Hope that the system could be largely implemented in the industry soon."
RFID-based Intelligent Jewellery Retail Management System (JRMS)
Hong Kong jewellery industries maintain continued growth worldwide through attention to detail, superior design, fine craftsmanship and personalized customer service. To expand business and meet customer needs, the industries requested for state-of-the-art solutions to enhance efficiency and effective. In view of this situation, PolyU develops an RFID-based Jewellery Retail Management System (JRMS) to enhance service quality and customers satisfaction for the jewellery store owners. Besides providing comprehensive inventory management, quotation and invoice management and financial management, the RFID-based JRMS also simplifies the processes of inventory tracking and items data collection by applying RFID technology. Therefore, human errors and time consumption for daily operations can be greatly reduced.
NFC-mobile Technology empowered Cloud Platform using Hybrid Approach for Customer Protection (NT-PHACP)
The growing counterfeiting activities have led to huge financial losses and influences to industries and customers. An alarm has been triggered to raise the public's attention, and an effective anti-counterfeiting measure to tackle these illicit activities is urgently needed. This project aims at combating the growing counterfeiting activities and raising the cost-to-break of counterfeiters, a NFC-based anti-counterfeiting mobile application, "Check It Yourself", is thus designed and developed. "Check IT Yourself" offers product authentication to the potential customers, before any purchasing. The application authenticates the products by using hybrid approach, which guarantees the authentication accuracy and system security. Furthermore, users can also report suspected counterfeit products, counterfeit product or bad sellers through "Check It Yourself". These information/data help manufacturers to protect their brands and help to raise consumers' confidence towards the brand.