Seminar on “Trend and Business Opportunity from Industry 4.0” at Shanghai Jiaotong University

: June 26, 2017
: Shanghai Jiaotong University Campus
: Shanghai Jiaotong University
: Industry 4.0 is realized as the next industrial paradigm shift which emphases system integration and migration to become smart factories. The latest trend and opportunity includes (i) Cyber-Physical System that transforms production plant to an intelligent environment, (ii)Smart Factory which concentrates on investigating intelligent production systems and processes so as to achieve network-based distribution production facilities and (iii) Intelligent production that applies advanced technologies such as human-computer interaction, intelligent logistics management and 3D printing to the whole industrial production process.

Press conference of Robotics Warehouse Automation Solution with RV Automation Technology Company

: April 5, 2017
: Hong Kong Science Park
: RV Automation Technology Company Limited
: Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
: RV has introduced the first Hong Kong-based smart warehouse solution with advanced robotics in Greater Chinatogether with DHL Supply Chain, the global market leader for contract logistics solutions. RV will collaborate PolyU to further optimise the smart warehouse solution. It is expected that the technology will help different industries revolutionise their traditional warehouses and embrace the automation era. The success of the smart warehouse solution will also broaden the opportunities in smart manufacturing and personalised consumption brought about by the advanced technologies setting a pivotal stepping stone for the Greater China enterprises to move towards industry 4.0.

Manufacturing Forum 2017: The New-Generation Entrepreneurs and Successors of Manufacturing Industries

: March 25, 2017
: PolyU Campus
: Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Section of The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong
: Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
: Manufacturing Forum is an annually event to introduce and report the update information of related industries.

1st runner-up in the Most Favourite PolyU Research News of 2016

: January 16, 2017
: PolyU Campus
: Communications and Public Affairs Office, PolyU
: The Most Favourite PolyU Research News of 2016 is a Facebook campaign that inviting the public to vote to the shortlisted research news via the PolyU's social media platform. In 2016, PolyU has released a wide variety of news about its innovative and impactful research and 10 of the most representative research news are selected for the competition.

Dr. George Ho, Mr. Burly Tan and Mr. Gabriel Lee are the key inventers of the project entitled “RFID-based Drug Management and Electronic Nursing Service Management Systems”. The research news was published widely in media by PolyU, and was even shortlisted to compete in a Facebook campaign for the title of “Most Favourite PolyU Research News of 2016”. Among over 500 comments and votes collected, the project team finally won the 1st runner-up, with a lot of supportive feedbacks showing the positive impacts of the project on the community, in the campaign.

Seminar on “Wireless IoT Technologies & Applications”

: January 9, 2017
: PolyU Campus
: Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
: Speakers shared the lastest wireless IoT technologies and applications to the participants. After the seminar, participants better understanded the technologies changes in the industry.