Development of a Cloud-based Cyber Physical Logistic System for Cross-border E-commerce Industry
Project Code: ITS/324/17FX
With the rapid growth of E-commerce in the China region, demand for logistics services keeps rising as high volume throughput across border. However, the current high-mix low volume procurement behavior results in the complexity of logistics operation. Without advanced logistic information system, the traditional logistics approaches are incapable to handle the latest customers’ logistics requirement. Third party logistics providers are now seeking solutions to maintain its competitiveness through providing more value-added service to tackle the latest trend of cross-border ecommerce. To encounter challenges created by the changing consumption patterns, a Cloud-based Cyber Physical Logistic System is proposed by integrating emerging technologies including cloud computing, big data analytics, AI-based swarm intelligence. Real-time data acquisition, automatic assignment of pick-up-and-delivery orders, optimal vehicle scheduling, visualization of delivery status and customers’ behaviors analysis are integrated in the proposed system. With the proposed system and e-commerce platform, the logistics service providers can increase its accuracy and efficiency in logistic operations and optimize human resources, while buyers can experience a better and speedy control in the pick-up-and-delivery of products. In this project, Cloud-based Cyber Physical Logistic System will be designed and developed to intertwine the physical logistic operation into the cyber world for better operation planning and control.